Do I Need A Tent

//Do I Need A Tent

Do I Need A Tent

One of the most asked questions we get here at Venue Services is, “Do I really need a tent?”  And honestly, it’s not a bad question to ask.  Here’s the deal…  If you are hosting an event and are unsure of the fact that you will need a tent, these are some basic questions you need to ask yourself.

1- Is my event entirely outside?

2- Do you know now, what the weather will be on the date of your event?

3- If there is inclement weather, do you have a place that you can safely house all of your Guests.

The best solution if you are unsure of the weather is to have some sort of a plan.  Even if that means moving the location of the event, last minute to a shelter.  This option can be tricky because of a few things.

1- Availability- You can not always be sure that a facility will be available to rent if you all of a sudden have bad weather.

2- Notifying all of your guests that there has been a location change.

3- Vendors- Some vendors will have to set up before your event begins and then some come and leave after they are set up.  Notifying them of the switch and having them have to change everything may cost you more money than you anticipated to begin with.

All of these factor into a good reason to really think about Renting a Tent.  Our staff is highly trained and professional.  You can set your mind at ease with all of your guests safely under one of Venue Services beautiful White Frame Tents.  Give us a call and we can help guide you through this process and answer all of your tough questions.


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  1. Taylor Bishop December 7, 2017 at 10:17 AM - Reply

    I just wanted to thank you for going over some considerations to think about when getting a tent. I’m glad that you mentioned that you should always have some kind of back up plan, especially if you are unsure of the weather is like. Maybe it could also be good to to continue to check the weather the closer it gets to the event so that you can refine your plans.

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