Venue Services is the whole package deal. When you come to us we take everything into consideration for your special event. You may not be aware that you may need a several permits before you can get started. From a legal stand point this could be very nerve racking, but don’t you worry.  When you hire Venue Services we take care of everything for you. There are many different types of permits that can come into play for you and we’ll take a look at some of the most popular ones in this post. Feel free to comment below and we can help you through the red tape that you may face while planning your event.

The first permit that you may need to pull is an Operation Permit. This permit is for any style event that is taking place inside of the City Limits. It is the most important and normally the one permit that is usually missed. This one simply lets the city know that there is an event going on and covers some basic questions about the event. There are a lot of things that you cannot do inside the city limits and this is our first step to verify with the city that everything is on the up and up for your event.

The next permit is a Certificate of Compliance. This is basically a check list from the fire department to make sure that all codes are met. You find this permit coming into effect when you have a tent or intend on blocking a road. Their general concern is that Official Fire Department Vehicles can easily make their way around the event in case of an emergency situation.

If you are having a tent at your event there is another Permit you will need along with an inspection from the Fire Marshal. The Tent or Canopy Permit lets you know what the Fire Marshal will be inspecting and how to avoid any fines from the city. All of Venue Services tents are up to all codes and will be responsible for any inspections so you don’t have anything extra to worry about.

There are also permits for Parade/Demonstration/Assembly/Block Party. This is typically filled with the Police department.  If you are planning on blocking off any public roads or use part of the streets for parking you will need this permit.

The last Permit is a Noise Ordinance Permit. A simple for with the police department is all you need to keep your event going. You won’t have to worry about your event getting shut down early as long as you have the permit approved and on hand on the day of. You may want to consider a Noise Permit even if your event is inside. Depending on the location and based on the professional opinion of the venue you are at, you should always take it into consideration. Remember, always ask questions and make the best call for your event.

All of these permits can be obtained by Venue Services Event Party Rentals on your behalf and billed to your account at no extra charge. Give us a call at 704-633-0070 and we can get you started on the right path.